Calling My Little Pony fans!

I have a question about the My Little Pony cartoon. Was it ever mentioned how old Megan, Danny and Molly are? This amazon review says that Danny is ten and Molly is seven, but I honestly can't remember if that was explicitly mentioned in the movie. No mention on how old Megan is, either.

How old do YOU think they are in the movie and tv series?

I personally think Megan is a pre-teen in the movie. She's certainly mature enough to be at least twelve, but anything beyond that starts to give me a headache, because I have a hard time trying to imagine a teenager realistically frolicking in a magical land with pastel-coloured ponies.

Realistic is the wrong word to use in conjunction with My Little Pony, but omg, don't judge me, I do think about these things.
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