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Disney Mania

Just some random stats, wasn't sure where else to put these.

Counting only the seven main Disney Mania albums (not including the remixes or the Princess repackaging), there are 105 songs, of which Collapse )

Kiss the Girl and Part of Your World are tied as the most popular song to cover, as it were.

My main take away from this is that The Little Mermaid is the most cover-friendly movie, and for some reason, Beauty and the Beast is not. IDEK.

Toy Story 3

Admittedly I've only read a handful of reaction posts to Toy Story 3 so I don't know if this has been mentioned already.

I watched The Brave Little Toaster quite a while back, and even made a live-post about it. What's interesting in that post is in the comments, where jesspark and I had a conversation about how quite a few of the themes of that film were brought over into Toy Story thanks to John Lasseter's involvement in both.

That said, the (highlight for spoilers) garbage disposal scene of Toy Story 3 does look awfully familiar, ain't it?

For the record, I am not belittling Toy Story 3, not at all. I was deeply moved by the film because of its message about growing up and moving on -- so many movies paint growing up as a bad thing (which, in some circumstances, it can be) but growing up and letting go is also very important, and as an adult who's still struggling to find the balance between holding on to innocence and embracing maturity, I appreciate that message very much.
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The Little Mermaid

Be still, my heart! The Little Mermaid: Live-action?

I've said many many before times how much I yearn for a live-action The Little Mermaid now that we have the technology for it, so a huge part of me is excited... And yet, when I look at the current trend of story stylings for mainstream Hollywood films, I am filled with a sense of dread.

The way I see it, there are two options. One, they'll go with established TLM pop culture and have it be magical and upbeat and family-friendly. Two, they'll do the opposite of established TLM pop culture and have it be as gritty and different as possible.

Of course, there's the chance that they'll find the place in between and have it be grown-up and magical at the same time, but dare I hold my breath for that?
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How to Train Your Dragon

First up: As with all film reviews, your tastes may match my own, or they may not. Feel free to agree/disagree/watch the movie yourself and be thoroughly disappointed by high expectations set by my review below. *g*

Although now that I think about it, this isn't actually a review. This is a reaction post.

A general warning: There's some vague spoilers for How to Train Your Dragon, but I do mention some other films: Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, The Princess and the Frog and Enchanted, if only to explain how they reflect into my own experience of How to Train Your Dragon, but as usual, Your Mileage May Vary.

Collapse )